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Pradumna Pratap Singh MD

Nashville, TN







Pradumna Pratap Singh MD
1005 Dr D B Todd Blvd
Nashville, TN 37208

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Pradumna Pratap Singh MD

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Julieth Ramirez says:
About a month ago my wife had a medical appointment with Doctor Singh because she was feeling the same symptoms that she felt when we were in Colombia and she had an epileptic attack. In Colombia, the doctor prescribed a medicine that had disastrous effects on all the skin on her body. The first information my wife gave to Doctor Singh was the name of that medicine and its bad effects on his body. Without any testing, Doctor Singh formulated a medicine that, when my wife took it, produced the same disastrous results on her skin. My wife suspended it and called Doctor Singh’s office to report what was happening to her. Doctor Singh’s response was that this was not her responsibility and that she should go to the emergency room. When I found out, I called Doctor Singh and asked him to see her as soon as possible since the situation was delicate. He told me that it was not his responsibility and that I should take her to the emergency room. My wife contacted him through her messages, obviously concerned, and Doctor Singh agreed to see her and told her to come to his office on a Thursday morning, which was when he did consultations. Today, Thursday, I accompanied her and the first thing the assistant told my wife was that the Doctor could not see her and that his closest available appointment was for next year. Of course, I got upset and told her that we would not leave the office until Doctor Singh saw my wife because what she had was an adverse result of the medicine he had prescribed for her. They made us wait until 1 in the afternoon and finally Doctor Singh attended her. I went with her to her appointment to translate for her. After explaining everything, the Doctor said that his best recommendation was that my wife be treated by a neurologist who specializes in epilepsy in Colombia. That he would not formulate any medicine without having done the necessary tests. Our question now is: Why, then, did he formulate the medicine that produced such disastrous effects on my wife, without having done any examination? I have a brother who is a retired neurologist and worked all his life in Texas and I am going to ask him for advice to know what legal actions can be taken against this irresponsible Doctor Singh.